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Cushion Covers To Love!

Welcome to Bandbox

Your one stop shop for all that's quirky & creative! Choose from a wide range of Handmade Cushion Covers, Rugs, Wall Frames & much more.

Bandbox Exclusive

Pet Accessories

Pet Bows, Bandanas & more create perfect accents for your pets as gifts, special occasions, or everyday style.

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Cushion Covers

Give your home the quirky twist with the Band Box collection of Cushion Covers. From Brats to Drama Queens, we have them all.

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Bags & Travel

Accessorise any outfit with the Bags & Travel Accessories collection from BandBox. Flaunt it while out on a date or just a casual evening with friends.

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Sleep Masks

Trendy and effective design to keep all incoming light away from your eyes and help you catch a shut eye when you absolutely need one!

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Hot Water Bag Covers

Perfect Fit For The Classic Hot Water Bottle, Designed To Give An Even Spread Of Warmth, our Hot Water Bag Covers are your perfect winter companion.

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