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Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother!!


Aren’t Moms the best! Who else would cook you, your favourite dish, pick you up every time you fall, be a constant shoulder to cry on and still fuss and worry about you long after you’ve grown up and left home?

There is absolutely no one more special than Mom. So, this Mother’s Day let’s spoil her rotten and show her how much we care.


Here are some of the best picks for your Mom.

For Moms who love to travel,

Moms who love to explore and seek adventure everywhere, we recommend our travel collection in bags. It has weekenders, duffel bags, passport cases, suitcases to backpacks. She is going to love it.


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For Moms who are always on the go

Moms are the god of multitasking. It’s just aww-worthy how they manage everything from their homes to offices so perfectly.


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For the Quirky Moms

We have lots of options for our fashion-forward moms as well. Do take a look at our totes, clutches and sling bags.


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